Ganon Kadimah (N3/N4)

Gannon Kadimah 2015Our Ganon Kadimah students learn through a curriculum in which all subject areas are integrated. Hebrew is introduced in a semi-immersion manner with the students being spoken to in Hebrew by one of the primary classroom teachers. The Early Years’ experience at Kadimah is one of social and intellectual development through play and structured learning and experiences. We help children become eager and effective learners, fostering skills in setting goals, gathering and classifying information, and problem-solving. Our program offers opportunities to explore freely in different media and establish productive relationships with other members of the school community. We use music, art, drama, physical movement, puppetry and creative-thinking techniques such as visualization and brainstorming in helping students develop their abilities. We reinforce our learning by working in child-oriented learning centers, and students interact with each other through role-playing as they play with a variety of materials in a variety of centers.

Hebrew in the Ganon