Mission & Philosophy

Each student is encouraged to strive for excellence and academic growth while maintaining the highest standards in attitude and behavior, reflecting moral sensitivity, personal refinement, and human decency.

The goals of Kadimah Academy are:

  • To provide an education which stresses the weaving of both general and Judaic studies and integrates them into a program that develops critical thinking, religious awareness, social conscience, physical and mental health and personal integrity.
  • To offer a superior academic program that prepares students for life-long learning — a secular program of the highest pedagogic standards which meets and exceeds the requirements of the State of New York.
  • To educate in the Hebrew language, Bible, Jewish literature, Jewish observances and customs, and Jewish history.
  • To foster understanding and respect for all approaches to Judaism and to be a caring, accountable community member.
  • To prepare students for active, responsible American citizenship.
  • To encourage individual development within a framework of rational and moral values.