Mission & Vision

Vision Statement

Education forms the foundation of Judaism itself, and the cornerstone of each and every Jewish community around the world. Kadimah Academy will be a central component of 21st century Jewish Buffalo, serving as the home of Jewish education locally, and ensuring that the Western New York Jewish community participates in a renaissance of Buffalo as a vibrant modern city. We will cultivate present and future generations of youth, who will succeed fully in all future pursuits, while maintaining a truly Jewish life in a secular world. Through the teaching of core Jewish values that last a lifetime, we will plant the seeds for tomorrow’s engaged and active leaders, producing a stronger community and a better world around us.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to advance Buffalo’s Jewish community by educating the next generation of Jewish youth in Buffalo, through a sophisticated dual-language Jewish and General Studies curriculum, rooted in American citizenship and Jewish traditions. Our program is founded upon the age-old precepts of Judaism, community and love of Torah. We are a vibrant community school of eager learners, armed with a knowledge of our Jewish heritage, an understanding of our culture, and a devotion to Israel. We develop our students into well-rounded critical thinkers who will contribute to society as upstanding citizens and civic-minded leaders, dedicated to mitzvot, service and social impact. We are intensely committed to the rigorous and individualized spiritual, academic and social development of each Kadimah student. We seek to inspire the next generation of our Jewish community to drive each other forward, together.