Kadimah Academy – Forward, together

Yom Ha’atz Video

2017 Israel Reunion

Kadima Hannukah 2016

Tribute to Rivke Berkowitz

WIVB Coverage of the 2016 Kadimah Dinner

WGRZ Honors the Life of Rivke Berkowitz

The “Better Together” Program

Ahava K/1 Class 2016

2016 K/1 2016 Sidur Presentation
See some pictures from this event.

Hebrew in the Ganon

2015-16 K/1 Class Doing Morning Prayers
Note: Several kids are missing the day this was filmed and a couple kids were running late. Notice how well the late comers behave as they pick right up with the other kids. Maybe we’ll make another video with all the kids at some point.

Chanukah Presentation 2015

Head of School Einav Symons greets Kadimah families and discusses new initiatives for 2015-2016.

A New Beginning, 2015-2016

Kadimah Program with the Darwin Martin House

Music Class Performance

2013 Morning at Kadimah